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LDE Regulatory Bulletins

LDE Regulatory Bulletins

Bulletin 121Students Teaching and Reaching (STAR)Content Standards Curriculum Framework, 28:CXXV

Bulletin 741-  Louisiana Handbook for School Administrators 28:CXV
Ordering information for Louisiana Handbook for School Administrators

Bulletin 1508Pupil Appraisal Handbook
Describes the process for the conduct of pupil appraisal services in the State of Louisiana. It includes procedures, standards and criteria for identifying children eligible for special education and/or related services. In addition, a general description of pupil appraisal services encompasses personnel, responsibilities, rights of students and parents, and timelines to be observed.

Bulletin 1530Louisiana's IEP Handbook for Students with Disabilities, 28:XCVII
Division of Special Populations (225) 342-3640

Bulletin 1573  -   Complaint Management Procedures
Division of Special Populations (225) 342-3661

Bulletin 1575
Reference Handbook for Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy in Louisiana Schools to assist special education administrators and therapists working together within the educational environment. This current volume builds on and updates the previous volumes, as well as changing the focus from guidelines to handbook.

Bulletin 1641C T A P E
Competency Testing for Adapted Physical Education (C T A P E)

Bulletin 1706 Title 28:XLIII, Education: Bulletin 1706: Regulations for Implementation of the Children with Exceptionalities Act
Regulations for the Implementation of the Exceptional Children's Act.  

          -Bulletin 1706/Subpart A-Regulations for Students with Disabilities
              Division of Special Populations (225) 342-1508

           -Bulletin 1706/Subpart B-Regulations for Gifted/Talented Students
              Division of Special Populations (225) 342-3640

Bulletin 1717 - APE Guide
Adapted Physical Education (APE) guide. This guide is divided into three major sections; Elementary Mild/Moderate, Secondary Mild/Moderate, and Severe Profound. Each section is autonomous and outlines a systematic approach for developing and implementing individually prescribed physical education programs. 

Bulletin 1830
A Resource Guide for the Conduct of Athletic Competition for Students With Physical or Visual Disabilities

Bulletin 1872Extended School Year Program Handbook, 28:LVII
Division of Special Populations (225) 342-3640

Bulletin 1891- Title 28:LV, Education: Bulletin 1891: Louisiana's IEP Handbook for Gifted/Talented Students

Bulletin 1903Title 28:XXXV, Education: Bulletin 1903: Regulations and Guidelines for Implementation of the Louisiana Law for the Education of Dyslexic Students
Division of School Standards, Accountability, and Assistance (225) 342-3599

Bulletin 1922 - Bulletin 1922 - Compliance Monitoring Procedures, 28:XCI
Division of Special Populations (225) 342-1508
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