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Virtual Learning Policy Change for 2022-23


Parents and Students:

Since the onset of the pandemic and virtual learning in the spring of 2020, many challenges have faced our families and communities throughout the country. Much has been lost, and our educational system is no exception. It has now been determined in schools across the U.S. that virtual learning has not been optimal for the success and advancement of students as a whole. In short, it has largely been a failure.

Due to our current knowledge of the documented failure of these systems to work, we have decided to change our policy regarding virtual learning. We will now return to the policy that we had prior to the pandemic. That is a policy of a homebound program as the only option for distance learning. Those qualifying for homebound must have a teacher coming into the home for educational purposes because the student is physically unable to attend school due to an extreme extenuating circumstance. This must still be determined in conjunction with the student's physician, and then must be reviewed by a committee of professionals in the school system. When a student qualifies for homebound educational services, there will be a strict start and stop date for services. This will be based on the time that is anticipated beforehand for the student's absence from school, combined with any statement from the doctor extending this time for medical reasons.

When a student is certified for homebound learning, the student and parent(s) must agree to meet with staff monthly and/or as needed to monitor progress. A student who has been virtual or homebound in the past and has been unsuccessful will likely not qualify again. When contact is made for the student to return to school and he/she does not, they will be counted absent from that day forward and assigned failing grades.

We look forward this fall to returning to school face-to-face with our students in an environment that is more conducive to learning than it has been over the years of the pandemic. We are excited to step into the future, while helping your student excel in the pursuit of excellence in education. Our staff is prepared to meet the challenges ahead. We are a resource for you and your student as we reach our goals together.


John M. Gullatt

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