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I MUST WASH MY HANDS written repeatedly on a chalk board

COVID-19 Guidelines for Parent/Student Handbook


This section addresses school routines and procedures in order to follow the guidelines of the CDC for the safety of the students, teachers and staff, and families of Crowville students. We will follow the procedures listed below until we are released from the current restrictions.


Overall Guidelines

Protective measures in school settings include:

     * Social Distancing, maintaining small groups of individuals as much as possible

     * Monitoring students and staff for symptoms of fever, cough, shortness of breath or sore throat

     * Practicing frequent environmental cleaning and handwashing

     * Masks will be worn in grades 3-8. Masks should only have school appropriate (no distracting  
        designs or emblems.)


Symptom Monitoring

Upon arrival, faculty, staff, and students will have temperature monitored.  Individuals who experience symptoms of respiratory illness or have a fever will be isolated in the established sick area. Their parent will be contacted, and expected to immediately pick up the student.


Ensure Healthy Personal Hygiene

Adults and students (3rd grade and up) should wear face coverings, as able, to the maximum extent possible. Face coverings should be worn in all areas of the school. This includes classrooms. Most importantly, face coverings should be worn during arrival, dismissal, and any other transition within the school building.


Students and teachers should have scheduled handwashing with soap and water or hand sanitizer every two hours as well as at arrival, before and after eating, before and after using outdoor play equipment, and at exit.


Students should wash their hands or use hand sanitizer after changing any classroom; teachers in the classroom should wash their hands or use sanitizer every time a new group of students enters their room.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Efforts

Frequently touched surfaces will be disinfected multiple times throughout the day. This includes: Light switches, doors, benches, bannisters and bathroom fixtures. Desks will be cleaned before and after each student’s use. 


School Bus Regulations

All rules previously established apply in addition to the following Covid restrictions.

The number of students is limited due to these restrictions:

During phase one, busses are limited to 25 percent • School bus passengers ride one per seat with every other seat empty • Members of the same household may sit in the same seat or adjacent seats, with an empty seat between household groups.

During phase two, buses are limited to 50% capacity. During phase three, buses are limited to 75% capacity.

Visitors on Campus

Visitors will not be allowed to enter the school buildings except under extenuating circumstances. All scheduled visitors should wear a mask and will be asked to sanitize hands prior to entering.


Change of Afterschool Arrangements of a Student

Due to regulations limiting the student numbers on the buses, students will not be allowed to alter afternoon travel arrangements.


Pick Up Procedures

Since we will not be able to dismiss students for pick-up at one time due to social distancing, we will be dismissing in a new way. Parents will be directed to turn and circle the loop near the football field in order to get in line to pick-up students. We ask that all parents remain in their car and follow this new procedure. Parents/ students will be assigned a number for their vehicle. The number will need to be displayed in the front window of the vehicle. The duty teacher for pick-up will report the numbers in the order of the cars in line. Students will be called to the pick-up area by these numbers.



If your child is tardy, ring the buzzer located to left of the entrance of the Junior High Building. The student will be buzzed in for check in. Please refrain from attempting to check out students early. If a student must be checked out, the office should be called. The parent must remain outside. The student will be summoned to the office for dismissal.


Dress Code

School Appropriate Facial coverings/ masks should be worn by all staff and students (3rd grade and up) at all times. These should not include distracting designs that would disrupt the school learning environment. All other dress code polices listed in the handbook should be followed.



Students will remain static. This means they will stay with the group they are assigned throughout the day and will remain in the class assigned. The teachers will rotate, moving to their next class.


Pupil Attendance Policy

Students attendance will be handled according to their choice of school delivery. Attendance will be documented and students will be held accountable.


Locker Policy

Lockers will not be issued this year in grades 5-8 to avoid student contact.


Breakfast/Lunch (Grab and Go)

Pre-K – 2nd  - Breakfast/lunch will be delivered to students’ classroom doors.

3rd & 4th  - Students will pick up breakfast/lunch as they enter their building and eat in their designated area.

5th - 8th – Students will pick up breakfast/lunch as they enter their building and eat in their designated area.

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